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While a bad thermostat is the most common reason your water heater's reset button may trip, it's not the only one. We perform a cleaning and adjustment service on boilers and tankless heaters and ensure your thermostat is working properly. It doesn't need the controller to work. The savings claim is verified by results from European tapping tests. Pin Share Email bbeltman / Getty Images . The control pad for the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ is connected to the thermostat in the cylinder via a cable. Problem with a Rinnai product? There are a few options here: You could put the cylinder onto manual mode, which will result in it working in the same way a standard electric hot water cylinder (there will be no savings during this time period) and then revert back to your preferred setting once your guests have left. What makes a great fireplace? Go to a mixer tap in the house and turn it to the full hot position. Rinnai appliances installed in a normal residential situation should be serviced every two years. Home / Support & Resources / Troubleshooting Prior to Booking a Service Call. The size of the LPG cylinder needs to be 45kg for the Rinnai INFINITY® to operate properly. Endless Support. The size is perfect, it runs very quietly and the timer. Rinnai Wall Thermostat Kit for CT Series Heaters - 204000045 Rinnai Direct Vent Gas Space Heater Wall Thermostat Installation Kit for all Rinnai CT Series Direct Vent Ductless Heaters. Hopefully you find the solution to your issue. If Rinnai INFINITY® water heater controller(s) are installed on the wall in a kitchen or bathroom, are they turned on? When the Furnace Stops Working, First Check the Thermostat. I have an instant gas continuous flow hot water service and only luke warm water is coming out of my taps. Winter will be past it seems before it will be working. For flues terminating through the roof there is a requirement for how far the flue terminal needs to be from the building. Smaller cylinders will “freeze up” in cold weather. Check if hot water is being produced. Is there a fuse that has been tripped relating to the appliance? Updated 12/23/20. As patterns change this is gradually integrated into the savings algorithm and the smart cylinder updates its heating pattern on an on- going basis. Other common causes include: A shorted heating element—It may be that the thermostat is working just fine and shutting off the heating element. Rinnai Avenger 25 , Rinnai Avenger 25Plus Convector, Rinnai Capella 18Plus, Rinnai Cosyglow Radiant, Rinnai Dynamo 15, Rinnai Econoheat 850 radiant, Rinnai Enduro 13, Rinnai Granda 252 Radiant, Rinnai Titan 151 Radiant, If you have gas heater problems, or you just want an annual service and or gas safety and carbon monoxide leak detection checks: We advise replacing the fuse or resetting the RCD. Thermostat Installation Kit for Rinnai EX08CT Direct Vent Wall Furnaces. The European efficiency testing standard for a hot water system uses “tapping’s”. The Rinnai Smart Cylinder™ has an anti legionella feature built in which meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code₁. MichiganCity Member Posts: 1. We'll help you find a Rinnai stockist so you receive the right advice and product, as locally as possible. If they are in a particularly dusty environment or subject to excess lint (for example dog hair or where there are newly laid carpets) then annual servicing is recommended. Elizabeth McGrath. ... i have a rinnai ru98e and the control panel is not working … When the power came back on, the thermostat was dead. RBMC-28; Kiturami Boiler (귀뚜라미 보일러) Indoor Thermostat (CTR-5700) Indoor Thermostat (CTR-8000) Navien Boiler (나비엔 보일러) Indoor Thermostat Type 1. WATER HEATING Rinnai INFINITY® Tips and Tricks. I honestly am not trying to offend anyone's intelligence, but I’d say that the simplest answer seems to be the problem about 40% of the time. Check that the thermostat is on. Top thermostat over temperature sensor tripped?-The upper thermostat has an over temperature sensor on it for safety.-This temperature sensor may have tripped if it is faulty or overheat. RBMC-12; Indoor Thermostat Type 3. Rinnai’s new realistic and natural looking gas fireplaces. And with the introduction of the Rinnai Control-R™ Wireless Module and mobile app for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, we’re taking control and flexibility to a new level. Is there power at the appliances power point? It is still not working. Rinnai recommends the flue cowl should have a 500 mm clearance from any part of the building. It's advice to readers that you MUST use the heater in a closed space, and to not get one that's too big. Rinnai 2 HOTFLO (HFE Series) Electric Storage Water Heater OIM ... To meet regulatory requirements the temperature of stored water MUST NOT be less than 60°C The thermostat ... DO NOT operate this water heater unless all safety devices are fitted and in working order. Water temperature is set too low. Then turn the tap handle on and off 10 times. There are also complexities with selling the Smart controller as a standalone item, as the control is developed specifically for each size hot water cylinder, to ensure maximum efficiency as well as for safety reasons. To fix this problem just press the reset button on the GFI outlet. The Rinnai efficiency has an additional heat exchanger. During these checkups, Janes Radiant Heating will look over the pumps, valves, gauges, manifolds and other system components to make sure they are working properly and are not likely to leak. Replace it if required. This post is about Rinnai tankless water heater troubleshooting because that’s the brand we install the most often, but we have deep experience with all brands of tankless (on demand) water heaters. Hello, ... Is the unit working? Yes. (Refer to installation manual for trouble shooting), Check power supply (Plug another appliance (ie hairdryer) into power point and test), Check gas supply (Try another gas appliance), Check controls (Child lock is on or thermostat settings to low or a error code displayed). Since Rinnai water heaters are one of the most advanced tankless water heaters available, we recommend to contact a service technician that’s authorized to work on Rinnai water heaters. Included are relay board, mounting cover & hardware, power supply (24Vac) and installation instruction. The answer could be closer than you think. This clearance is required to ensure products of combustion are cleared adequately. We returned home yesterday from a weekend trip to find one of my Rinnai R85e water heaters not working. The system spends the first week learning a pattern, then by the end of the second week it starts to apply savings. The panel for the Rinnai inside the house is not working. Hence it may get cold. FR-5 To troubleshoot why your water heater does not get HOT … Ring (08) 8444 7320 for immediate assistance if hot water not working. Many newer thermostats are wired directly into the furnace and that means when the … Please review our trouble shooting questions and answers prior to booking a service call. The second panel is showing 130. A clogged flue or vent could be the problem or a defective thermostat. We would love to be able to put Smart control on every hot water cylinder in NZ, but due to electrical compliance requirements we can only supply these as part of a complete unit – the Rinnai Smart Cylinder™. Digital controllers allow you to select the exact temperature of the hot water at the outlet. If the LPG cylinder has just been replaced or if the Rinnai INFINITY® has not been used for some time, you may need to bleed air out of the gas line. Use the following steps: Check that the thermostat has power to it if your furnace won't turn on. Re: Rinnai Space Heater Problem; Author: hj (AZ) If the temperature is high, or the thermostat is satisfied, then I doubt that he would be trying to make it work, or that he would even know it is not working. Give us a call at 704.846.5371 to service your tankless water heater. Please note that you will need to turn controllers back on after a power cut. With the exception of the Compact 2 model, all Rinnai fires may be suitable to have a TV installed above them. Any ideas? November 2015 in Domestic Hot Water. I let that I alone for another hour. We are not currently working on this and have no timeframe by which we might start. Page 44: State Regulations State Regulations NOTICE BEFORE INSTALLATION Rinnai direct-vent appliance must be installed by a state qualified or licensed contractor and a properly trained Rinnai Installer. Rinnai Boiler (린나이 보일러) Indoor Thermostat Type 1. Read Article. The control pad was dead so I took the front cover off of the unit and found both 3 amp fuses had blown. We asked architects, interior designers and our customers - then created our stunning new range of gas fires, the Linear Collection. Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting Manual WARNING There are a number of live tests that are required when fault finding this product. If Rinnai determines that repair of a product is not possible, Rinnai will replace the product with a comparable product at Rinnai’s discretion. The TH stands for “THermostat,” and those two wires connect to the thermostat device (or in most cases, a wall switch) that tells the valve to open.Under normal conditions, with the pilot light lit, closing the circuit between the two TH contacts will open … It is 2 weeks since my heater was installed by a plumber who has had several phone calls to Rinnai. Savings are influenced by a number of factors including cylinder size, hot water use profiles and plumbing system design. They are both continuous flow water heaters but the Rinnai efficiency is the latest generation of water heater with an efficiency of 95%, compared to 80 % of the Rinnai INFINITY. Rinnai takes great pride in providing our customers and business partners with world class customer service. This has a number of benefits: Installation costs are difficult to provide as every installation is different. Review Summary; Latest review: We had an old large Rinnai with a broken thermostat. It's not a complaint that the thermostat doesn't work. If your furnace isn’t functioning properly and you’ve ruled out the usual suspects—like a dirty furnace filter or bad flame sensor—it may be that the thermostat is to blame. Price (RRP) A$1,813.00 to A$2,799.00 Price from A$1,599.00 The Good Guys. For those more complicated projects we also have a free specification service. (Refer to installation manual for trouble shooting). If a controller is fitted  check that it is on also), Check gas supply (Turn gas stove top on then turn hot water tap on. Check out the output temperature sensor; it might be broken. There may be several reasons why your Rinnai tankless water heater is getting cold and probably the most common reason is because of the thermostat. Run hot water and see if it works. Compare. Check if hot water is being produced. We look forward to working with you! Check that the thermostat is in the “Heating” mode of operation. Water heating is important and it's better to spend the time up front deciding on what you need and what's important. If the fuse or circuit breaker (RCD) has tripped this may be indicative of an electrical fault, as generally fuses or RCDs do not trip out without cause. To disinfect water for legionella bacteria, the system will perform heating above 60 °C whenever risk conditions are detected. Lastly, if the power was out for more than 5 minutes you may want to check that the thermostat did not reset. We have an experienced customer service team that can walk you through the process. Go to a mixer tap in the house and turn it to the full hot position. For the Rinnai INFINITY®, the switch is often located outside. NR-10E; Indoor Thermostat Type 2. The second heat exchanger enables the efficiency range to extract even more heat from the gas, meaning less energy is required to meet your hot water requirements. This is how to fix a Rinnai Water Heater that is not working following a flush of the heat exchanger. The water servo may have a short thus taking out the display. Then turn the tap handle on and off 10 times. Water is not hot enough. ... water heaters. Not Enough Hot Water. Extreme care should be used at all times to avoid contact with energized components inside the furnace. Then I turn the a hot water on the laundry sink and i see that the boiler went from heater the house to heater the domestic water(all good). Remove the wires from the controller. If the circuit trips again an electrician or other qualified person needs to be called. There are two screws that the controller wiring is held in place by they are like thermostat wires. Factors such as the length of pipe required , whether you have accessories fitted, how far away you live and choosing an internal or an external unit all influence the overall cost. If the temperature sensor is broken, or it is not correctly positioned, try to either re-position it, so it is firmly attached to the pipe or replace it with a new one. If the LPG cylinder has just been replaced or if the Rinnai INFINITY® has not been used for some time, you may need to bleed air out of the gas line. Tapping's are calls for hot water from the cylinder at various times to simulate real life hot water use. Like any product, there will be continuous improvement over time and eventually there may be the option to have a wireless controller or the technology to control the unit via mobile phone. Unplug the unit and then remove the cover. It will not light so I cannot feel it will have been a good purchase. I've owned a Rinnai tankless water heater before and it worked flawlessly. RBMC-43; Indoor Thermostat Type 2. It won't turn on. Page 1 Transformer Field Supplied Components Wall Thermostat Thermostat Wire Wire Nuts This kit and instructions contained herein are only for use with the following models of Rinnai Direct Vent Furnaces: EX08CT and EX11CT EX17CT and EX22CT EX38CT WARNING To protect yourself from harm, before performing maintenance, turn off the electrical power supply by unplugging the power … It did not blow the new fuses. If not, repeat for a further 10 times and then check. This time we purchased a new home with a wifi enabled Rinnai tankless heater and we've had some troubles. For reliable operation, Rinnai gas fires should be serviced every two years (including inspection of the flue system). The majority of modern gas fires have electronic ignition and safety components that require electricity. Alternatively, if you still want to enjoy some savings then you can increase the level of comfort on the controller, which means that the cylinder will produce more hot water, while still delivering savings. Stainless Steel has a 10 year warranty , while the Mains Pressure Enamel range has a 7 year warranty . Savings of up to 10% have been observed. Checkpower supply (Plug another appliance (ie hairdryer) into power point and test. Then I turned the thermostat off for a few minutes and then turned back on and the heater was working. The diaphragm or thermostat has more than likely failed and requires renewing. Looking for support? Rinnai creates innovative solutions that enhance the way people live. Is the thermostat  turned up or the heater timer not set? (Try opening tap further or turn another tap on as well), Clean filter on HWS and clean water restrictors in shower head and taps (If water is isolated and safe to do so), Are there any error codes displayed on controllers? * As the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturer, Rinnai is widely regarded as the industry leader. The cylinder is covered under the warranty for the cylinder type, i.e. Then plug unit back in. Please get in touch and let us help. I did some research and shopped around and got this Rinnai 309 for nearly half price. Written by. This is a fireproofing box that isolates the appliance from combustible materials. We just had the gas tank filled up, which was low. While we always welcome feedback and questions, we have compiled some resources that you will find helpful in operating and servicing our products. If flame drops on stove this shows it is possibly a gas supply issue), Is there enough water flowing? Due to electrical compliance requirements, mounting the control pad on the cylinder is currently the only option. We realise there's a lot of information out there. Have any chemicals been used recently (recently painted or cleaning products), Is the room ventilated (door or window open), Check the bayonet fitting and the hose is not kinked blocking gas supply, Are there any error codes displayed? I have also called Rinnai. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, it may not be able to fire up the heater. If your Rinnai INFINITY® water heater is not working properly, please check the following points: Like any appliance, it’s recommended to service your Rinnai gas appliance regularly to ensure reliable operation. Rinnai R53 Contoller - not working. I replaced both fuses ( I did check continuity on the new fuses) and the unit still does nothing. You don't fix water heaters when they customers have hot water, and you don't have to repair heating units when the customer is not cold. See all offers.

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