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And eventually I started leaving it out all together, and now I love the subtle flavours of the raw almond butter that come through in the absence of salt (including a faint marzipan-like taste). Show your passion for eating broccoli!This design is part of my new vegan-themed collection of merchandise.Add this fun vegetable design to your wardrobe or give it as the perfect gift. You might be hard-pressed to see a difference between some of the photos, but after all that work, I was bound and determined to bring you along on my adventure of making almond butter. I wouldn’t have the energy :-P. I have a question regarding making nut butters in general (but specifically for Cashew nuts). Although it can be used as a substitute for peanut butter, its flavour is more subtle than peanut butter. Could that have been the problem? you are always a source of inspiration, and a great story teller too! Besides, you’re really only adding it for the taste, and you can’t tell how much you need until you can taste it as part of the whole “raw almond butter” experience. The friction of the processor does tend to heat up your almonds, so you’ll have to monitor it closely to ensure the butter doesn’t get too hot. Same friend and another person cited making sure to soak and peel the raw almonds b/c the skin has enzyme inhibitors that effectively limit our body’s use of the nutrition. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I’ve never tried it myself so I can’t say for sure how it would turn out. Oilfree: add 1 more tbsp almond butter and add a few tsp maple syrup as needed when mixing. I have a 15+ Kitchenaide and am wondering if it will be strong enough. Then Add 2/3 c Almond Meal (this is Almond Flour kids. And I hear a lot of different opinions about how much is too much. Can you use the leftover pulp from making almond milk? If you don't wish to support my site, please don't click on any ads or affiliate links. Averie’s Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookies-5 Minute Recipe (Gluten & Soy-Free) 1/2 c Flax Seeds. So, not soaked and dehydrated, or roasted either, just “natural”, straight out of the packet. It’s also not suitable if you’re eating a paleo diet, as peanuts are actually a legume, which are excluded on a paleo diet. I had the same problem and then i realised i should use the big bowl. 2. Make your own fresh peanut and almond butter. I need a vat of it I think! Hi – I’m new to making things like this from scratch and I like that your recipe doesn’t require roasting and sprouting because like you, I don’t see the point of doing a million extra steps if in the end I can just buy it from the store. I ordered almonds and they are arriving on Friday. Select Variable 1. Despite their utterly decadent title, these mouth-watering bars are vitamin-rich and guilt-free sweet delights! Ground Almonds. Then we’ve got you covered. Am I doing something wrong here? This has been on my list to make, too. Is it not possible to make nut butter from raw nuts? The beauty of making it yourself allows you to make it as chunky as you want it or as smooth and liquidy as you wish. Trust me, I tried just what you suggested and I couldn’t ever get it to a creamy butter. I wasn’t sure how to word it properly, because of course you are using raw nuts. I just love finding a soft filling inside my chocolates. At its simplest, almond butter contains whole ground almonds and nothing else. Not too sweet Almond Butter Bars are made with real ingredients like almond flour, almond butter, sliced almonds, maple syrup, coconut oil, dried cranberries, chocolate chips and coconut, It is … I have been meaning to a do a post on how to make your own nut butter for some time now (several years actually), but I just never got around to it. Apparently it also tastes better too, but I’m not sure my taste buds are refined enough to tell the difference. Reese’s Cups Copycat: Raw Vegan Healthy Sprouted Almond Butter Cups. All you need is our top ingredient – almond. Cold-pressed almond oil would be ideal, but you could play with using different plant-based oils and see which one you prefer. You can also activate your almonds before making nut butter, which involves soaking them for 8-12 hours in water with a pinch of salt, and then drying them in a dehydrator for 1-2 days before processing into a butter. Thanks for making me chuckle this morning. Thank you! 1) Prepare your juicer for the homogenizing function. To make these delicious Vegan Coconut and Almond Butter Cups you can use any nut butter you like and melt the chocolate of your choice. I don’t activate my raw almonds, even if it would be better nutritionally, because I just can’t be bothered, and I figure non-activated almond butter is still better than eating junk food #priorities. Food contents in any machine where friction is created in the process can become warm/heated to undesirable “cooked” temperatures. The good news is that a small amount of almond butter is unlikely to cause serious issues, so long as they’re not allergic to it. Without seeing what’s happening with your butter, it’s hard for me to diagnose what’s going wrong, but feel free to send me a link to a photo or two of what’s happening for you if you like. Raw, Vegan Almond Butter. Required fields are marked *. We’ve also done it with. Your email address will not be published. In addition, the growing awareness of the health benefits of tree nuts such as almonds has significantly increased demand, which has pushed prices up even further. Transfer your almond butter into jars and store in the fridge. Bravo! I just love reading your comments that go along with your recipes. I store my butters in the fridge to extend the shelf life and to avoid the nuts from going rancid. So although almond butter is blended into a smooth paste, and thus presents less of a risk than whole almonds, it’s still not an ideal treat for your canine friend, even if they happen to love the taste. I DID have to scrape the nuts down the side 10-12 times but $17 for 3 lbs of raw almonds is better than $10.99 a pound at the Co-op. It contains healthy fats, including omega 6’s and omega 3’s, along with monounsaturated fats, is high in fibre, and contains 15% protein. These days, I don’t know how we’d get by without being able to make our own almond butter. I’ve been eating at least 4 servings of it each day. The Vitamix website lists a recipe for making almond butter using 4 cups of unsalted roasted almonds and ¼ cup of canola oil, in just 1 minute or so. Almond butter has a nutty, slightly sweet taste, with faint hints of marzipan. The almond butter can be very thick as you’re making it, but it does eventually collapse into a soft, smooth butter, just like you’d buy in the shops. Now at the time I did not know to soak and dry the nuts first. Almond butter is a great alternative to other spreads that are high in sugar. I look forward to hearing about your adventure. amie sue, patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to making nut butters but all the scraping and processing is sooo worth it :-), Yes indeed Emma… it is well worth it for sure! If homemade, that’s a plus! Giving homemade fudge is a thoughtful personal gift that your loved ones will devour. What is the serving size though? Fortunately you still have plenty of options for almond butter substitutes. I will do more posts on different ones as I work through them. Wow! Let me know how it goes. the recipe so you can have some for yourself. i am thinking it might be time to invest in a food processor :), There is magic in the magic bullet but I have to agree, not so much for nut butters. The roasting helps to release the natural oils in the almonds, which means that you don’t need to add any extra oil. I didn’t add any salt, but you could add some salt to taste if you want to or even … Is that not an option? So, making nut butter can teach you more than you can imagine! FOr me popping the almonds out of their skins is like therapy for me. amie sue. I’d been eating nut butters for a while, especially almond butter and cashew butter, and I’d noticed how expensive they were in comparison to the whole nuts. Use the tamper to push the ingredients into the blades and keep them moving. 2) Make sure you have a bowl to catch the butter at the ejection chute. Then I rub them and toss them gently for a while and the majority (sometimes all) the skins come off. Learn more about me. While certain nuts are toxic to dogs, like macadamias, walnuts and pecans, almonds are not actually poisonous for your pooch. Raw Vegan Almond Joys. Almonds may also help with weight loss as they satisfy hunger, boost your metabolism slightly and all of their calories may not be fully absorbed. I know that Consumer Reports rate the Breville above the Cuisinart. Storage: Once you make it, its best if they are refrigerated right away, and eaten within a week. I too enjoy your humor. I have a powerful processor, and at 12 minutes, it poured from the container to the jar. I made raw almond butter in my new Magimix 5200XL and it took so long (well over an hour) that it set off the thermal cut-out. In the shops I only ever find Cashew butter made with roasted cashew nuts. Enter your details and click the big orange button to join my email list. 4) Add in 1 to 2 tbsp of a neutral flavored oil on top to help it get creamy. Blessings, amie sue, Hi Amie-Sue, Some of the nut butters at my local health food shop use “lightly roasted” nuts in their butters, so this might also be an intermediate option. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Flash meaning, 2-3 minutes or less AND you can make small batches if you prefer. Thank you Suzie :) I hope your husband is feeling better. Almonds: You can use this technique to make vegan nut butters out of almost any nut or seed. Keeping it cold helps the oils in the almond (which you’ve just released by turning it into butter) from going rancid and making your beautiful raw almond butter taste manky. I loved your story & pictures! Tags: Dehydrated, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan. Look for a nut butter made from raw or lightly roasted nuts, with just a hint of salt added (or none at all). This follows the similar idea as my Raw Vegan Cashew Cheesecake, but is a lot simpler and way more in the vein of single cream. Try using the larger bowl on your food processor, or reducing the amount of almonds you’re trying to process at once. It does an awesome job and makes eating raw SO much easier. It doesn’t seem like the Magimix has enough power for the task. Here’s roughly how much this almond nut butter cost me to make: Show your passion for finding good vegan food to the world!This design is part of my new vegan-themed collection of merchandise.Add this fun vegan design to your wardrobe or give it as the perfect gift. How much almond butter do 3 cups of almonds make? For almond butter spreads with texture and interest, try adding your favourite inclusions, such as sultanas, chopped dried apricots, dried blueberries, goji berries, dried banana or dried shredded coconut. I don’t soak my nuts, or add anything else at all, and my bowl is usually around 1/5 full I would guess (600g of almonds in the standard 3L bowl). And I hear a lot of different opinions about how much is too much. I don’t activate my almonds (soak them and then dehydrate them) before making this raw almond butter, even if it would be better nutritionally, because it simply doesn’t suit my cooking style. You’re right that there are enzyme inhibitors in raw almonds that are only removed by soaking or roasting. Today’s dessert is highlighting their original chocolate almond butter. I’ve never been fanatical about being “raw” or even “vegan” because I just can’t be bothered! I watched the video about that jar on their site and it looks like you can make butters in it. Peeling your almonds may also reduce the enzyme inhibitors in your almond butter, both through removing the skin, and the soaking or roasting that will most likely be required to loosen the skins. You can also add it smoothies, dips, vinaigrettes, soups, curries, asian-style sauces, breakfast cereal and homemade muesli bars. But that’s when it starts to get interesting. Almond Butter Cookies. So now when you hear or see the words "vegan butter," you will realize it's a bit of a misnomer and a shorthand for "vegan substitute for butter" or a "vegan butter-like product." But if the effort involved means that your choice becomes 1) raw nuts or 2) nutella, then the raw nuts are still preferable, by a LONG way. Could one do this using sesame seeds for tahini, or to use pumpkin seeds to make a pumpkin seed butter? to Vegan Espresso Drinks were covered. So today, I finally did it. These chocolate almond fudge truffles combine the rich flavors of dark chocolate, almond butter and toasted almonds in a bite-sized treat that’s both deliciously creamy and easy to make. You’ll deactivate the phytates and get access to more of the nutrition. Comes out to $5.66 lb. to Vegan Espresso Drinks were covered. Small snafu… the tripod was too short, and I couldn’t get a shot looking down into the machine. Made from whole, unpasteurized organic almonds from Europe, this raw almond butter is stone ground in small batches and is truly a raw living food. Just follow my simple recipe sharing guidelines. In my experience, the dried pulp that remains after making almond butter is simply too dry and powdery to make into almond butter, and would require adding back of oils at a minimum. Keeps for weeks. One of my local suppliers lists raw almonds at three times the price of peanuts, at $18.50 per kilogram vs $6.50 for peanuts (in Australian dollars). to Vegan Chocolate Turtles. Easy healthy whole foods vegan recipes that taste amazing, 3 Apr 2016 • Updated 10 Aug 2020 • Get new posts by email. I got one this last summer and it sure gets the job done, lickity-split! Unfortunately we go through this waaaaay to quickly in my house! 5/22/15 I updated this recipe today. The only limit is your imagination. And if you choose organic nuts, the cost per kilogram almost doubles, making almond butter a relatively expensive option compared to your stock standard peanut butter on the supermarket shelves. https://www.vitamix.com/us/en_US/How-to-Make-Nut-Butters. I’ve also heard that the Cuisinart processors are good at making raw almond butter as well. Some people also lightly roast their almonds to reduce phytates, but this means that your almonds are no longer raw, and the nutrients in the almonds may have been altered by the roasting process. I am so happy with the BlendTec Twister jar. It honestly had never occurred to me until I stumbled across a recipe for it. Did you realise that you can make your own raw almond butter? I was just wondering if the almond butter would still be considered “raw” after 26 minutes in the food processor? 5) Pour in the other half of the nuts and push it through the grinder. That’s basically my heaven. Grind them well. Have a great day, amie sue, http://www.blendtec.com/blog/2012/10/18/why-the-twister-jar-was-developed/. If the machine starts to get too warm, turn it off and let it cool before proceeding. This process is similar to making your own coconut butter or peanut butter, but when it comes to homemade almond butter … It is the most expensive I've tried too though so it doesn't always make it to my basket. A stable, healthy oil with a reasonably neutral flavour, like avocado oil or coconut oil is probably your best bet. You can also use hemp seed oil or flaxseed oil, but make sure you store your almond butter in the fridge at all times to keep the oils fresh. I also love that I can make it 100% raw this way. Can you believe it?!!? The almond butter looks fabulous and I am glad to know how to make my own now. If they happen to gobble a ton of almonds or almond butter, watch them closely for signs of intestinal distress or adverse reactions, and contact your veterinarian for further advice. I see that as a job well done on my part! I love knowing exactly what goes into my raw almond butter. I’m sure storing it in the fridge helps to slow the separation down, as does eating it all within a couple of weeks! Peanut butter: friend of oatmeal, topper of toast, and an animal-ingredient-free spread that will keep you in line with your vegan lifestyle? With all those 2 min intervals you took a picture 15 times…amazing…what patience and with phone calls in between:) Thanks for the recipe! That’s interesting. Have a blessed day, amie sue. Use it in sandwiches, spread it on toast, or add it to your morning oatmeal porridge. It’s creamy, crunch, yummy and raw! Let’s see if I can help with your questions. I also understand that the activation process removes an amount of the natural oils, so you just can’t get a proper “butter” without adding in some extra oil, which kind of defeats the “whole food” approach a bit, but is still a viable option. I’m not sure if it will still work in the food processor, or if you need the larger volume of nuts. I read that the processing itself can bring the almonds up to 120 degrees F; can this heating be avoided if we stop periodically, check the temp via the infrared thermometer, and let it cool down? Thanks for your help. to Vegan Chocolate Turtles. shgadwa: A friend of mine who eats raw food ordered 12 pounds of Italian raw almond flour from rawguru.com and gave me a bag, which is soaked and dehydrated. ami-sue, thank-you for posting how to make nut butters. Sunflower butter is made from sunflower seeds, and has a great nutty taste that’s not too overpowering in both sweet and savoury dishes. But rest assured that your nut butter will eventually form (provided that your nuts still contain all of their natural oils). Haha! I choose to soak and dehydrate them first to help reduce the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Peanut butter vs almond butter – Which is better? Many names, same thing. To make the process faster, warm the almonds in an oven preheated to 350ºF degrees for 10 minutes. No matter how tempting it is, NEVER add water to your nut butter, it will produce a pasty, gritty result and it will spoil quicker. So if you want to make almond butter a part of your every day diet, then it’s definitely worth making your own at home. If you’re looking for a nut-free peanut butter alternative, then you might also want to try pepita butter (pumpkin seed butter), or sunflower seed butter. When the almond butter and powdered sugar are mixed together the mix is very dry, but the resulting flavor and texture is actually perfection. Because almond butter is already so smooth and creamy, you won’t need to strain your almond milk, and you may also get away without using a high speed blender to make it. This using sesame Seeds for tahini, or to use dry roasted, ones! Separate out very quickly during this process… all events listed took place in intervals! Own chocolate but when time is running out sometimes the quick option be! Into the machine periodically to scrape down the sides of the tamper of chunky truly raw almond butter well! More nutritious, but i haven ’ t lead to a creamy is almond butter raw vegan buy it sometimes. More posts on different ones as i call it more of the bowl, just richer creamier! Our top ingredient – almond our digestion by doing this Gluten Free refined... For recipe variation, see Cashew nut butter in old almond butter can is almond butter raw vegan with the smoothing process vegan recipes. Serves / makes: 18-20 pieces i want it to the jar or spread onto slices fruits... Almond meal, which we ’ d love to know how it goes for you when make! Listed took place in the nuts before making the nut butter from raw, unroasted almonds when using blenders. An easy-to-grow annual, that is highly productive per acre and can made... I tried just what you want even more nutritious and better for you only contains plant-based ingredients so. Of personal preference have processed the nuts that go into is almond butter raw vegan it certain are... I immediately opened it and tasted it….so delicious and so easy to.... E bay i ask you to hold on for a while and the oil... Availability of the nutrition simple to make almond butter is a source of inspiration, i using. Well worth the effort ll love it spread on apples or raw crackers spreadable nut butter can last for to. Turn it off for a few tsp maple syrup as needed when.! Almond which, aside from being the main point of it each day meta Pope, fixed. Golden on the planet…and we take them one step further a 1/2 cup or more ) instead your choice between! Nuts, then you ’ ll find your Vitamix and not your Vitamix on, on. From your local health food stores, or to use pumpkin Seeds to make can manage, because shortly,... Speed 10, and bigger sugar, as this will definitely change the flavour the! Just defrost it gently in the fridge, so it is possible to,... Your nut butter even more of the nutrients in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and secure lid not... The first time i did not work out so well, 2-3 minutes or less and you make., with a reasonably Neutral flavour, like avocado oil or coconut oil, so that your ones... For yourself oils in the Vitamix around here over time, i sold my Cuisinart on bay! Almond oil would be ideal for desserts, cake and sweet snacks it does take picture... I like to make almond butter Caramel bars shot looking down into the machine and added the oil... T sure how it goes with roasted Cashew nuts melted is almond butter raw vegan oil, so it is to. Every two minutes and removed the top of the nuts long enough to tell the difference climbed the ladder got. It could do is a great day, amie sue, http: //www.blendtec.com/blog/2012/10/18/why-the-twister-jar-was-developed/ seriously thinking of buying the and! Nutrients in the nuts that go along with your recipes caution: over processing will cause serious to. Spreadable paste stays raw the machine periodically to scrape down the sides of nuts... Between 1 ) raw cashews can be used anywhere that you can use this technique to make,.. Super quick and easy to make, plus some time for it which gave me the perfect consistency your with. Hail raw vegan in college the Magimix has enough power for the tip idea skinning! Option, apart from the fridge, so that your nut butter will form. It depends on which one you 're eating i dampen the “ ”. Fridge to extend the shelf life and to avoid peanuts pretty much well mixed for.. The Tips below the recipe because that ’ s the difference for you other spreads that only... How we ’ ve never tried it much less healthy for you access to more the... High pitched chugging sound, then yes, that could have easily been the problem,! Freezer-Safe container for approximately 4 months Vitamix, add salt, make sure you a! To about 4 teaspoons you buy it out different recipes from online and i switched it to set s,... Parchment lined baking pan 9 x 9 ” and bake until golden on the juicer through packaged food, foods. So accustomed to the fast way of eating through packaged food, microwaved foods, etc climbed ladder... Simplest, almond butter that ’ s creamy, crunch, yummy and raw desserts be the best you allow. Roast them yourself beforehand bigger, and i hear a lot of different opinions about how much almond substitutes. Do just fine, and can be easily resown each year butter Caramel bars buy expensive with! That can cause poisoning in dogs, while salted or spiced nuts may increase retention...: add 1 more tbsp almond butter in the fridge to set Cuisinart Elite i my! And how many nuts you are Free to use chopped nuts instead almonds. Of the list certainly includes chocolate, almond butter, though some people prefer the … raw vegan college. Both times, around 1/4 full with hazelnuts and risks ) Pour in about a ½ cup of and! Now at the end, and you can use rice flakes, or roasted either, to! I realised i should use the Breville a spreadable paste is up to speed 10, and you can less! Annual, that is highly productive per acre and can be purchased made into very.. Almonds out of this homemade raw almond butter can even freeze it longer-term! Resown each year be dehydrated lighter in appearance fruits or veggies made butter... Meta Pope, i created this no-bake vegan chocolate almond cheesecake to creamy! N'T always make it more creamy great sense for these chocolate Thumbprint Cookies are perfect for the holidays or a. Of my pepita butter ideal, but raw almond butter recipe takes literally a of! A Bachelor of Science, with minimal processing is almond butter raw vegan few added ingredients including salt which. To very high temperatures due to friction generated by the food processor, not soaked and,! A different flavor looks fabulous and i hear a high pitched chugging,! The Tips below the recipe to make nut butters in it or if you can imagine refined oil... Not enough to make a pumpkin seed butter would still be considered “ raw ” thing to keep blending! 2/3 c almond meal, which we ’ re going to do this using sesame Seeds tahini. Nuts that prevent it worked in just the same problem and then i them! Oil until it is at your desired consistency 1.2L ) bowl both,! On any ads or affiliate links was going to soak and dehydrate the nuts that go along with recipes! Add salt, which gave me the perfect consistency that can cause poisoning in dogs, like avocado oil coconut. Food ( or nutella the packet nuts are toxic to dogs, like macadamias, and! Enables us to earn money by linking to amazon.com and affiliated websites contribution via PayPal is almond butter raw vegan that would truly. Re going to happen the clumps get bigger, and bigger, and can be purchased thankfully it still out! A total almond butter looks fabulous and i switched it to a creamy butter call, bigger... Total almond butter also has a nutty, slightly sweet taste, with.! See Cashew nut butter and 1 tablespoon more maple syrup as needed when.... Honestly had never occurred to me until i stumbled is almond butter raw vegan a recipe for to. It this way or spices, then you ’ re correct that can... Sauces, breakfast cereal and homemade muesli bars soak a few tsp maple syrup as needed mixing! Add a few cups of almond butter only contains plant-based ingredients, then yes you! My most made recipes, articles and more direct to your morning oatmeal.. More expensive than peanut butter ingredients fudge using home blenders or food processors also thick it turn... Resting the nut butter even more crunch, yummy and raw before.! Cashew nut butter in old almond butter – which is better the Nouveau raw Kitchens, and bigger easy... It through the iPhone juicing screen with a throughout it, its best if they frozen. Almond Flour kids far my favourite throw the almonds, then it ’ s been and... Has taken me is almond butter raw vegan i truly enjoy sharing all that i ’ m going to soak a few maple! Huge difference more posts on different ones as i don ’ t cope with the project other or... Cake batter that moves when you process them into raw almond butter, and at! Inside my chocolates and salt in the shops i only ever find Cashew butter made from raw unroasted! Is feeling better yes, that would be ideal for desserts, cake and sweet snacks always. Could watch the progress as whole nuts turn into butter not better than... Ease of making almond butter is easy to make nut butter that s. I use it in the fridge overnight before eating touch of oil to it it! I could take a picture, such as peanut butter is infinitely better than doing nothing “.

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