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Company Registered in England no. Apologies for the many typos. Improving safety was clearly high on the agenda for Fiat, and the Ducato comes with Roll-Over Mitigation and Load Adaptive Control to improve stability, as well as a driver's airbag. The Ducato range is one of the longest-serving nameplates in the large van sector, with the first version arriving as far back as 1981. How practical it is. We must admit, the older we seem to get, the lazy bit crepes in. The Fiat Ducato is a light commercial vehicle developed by the Sevel joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën, produced since 1981.It was also sold as the Citroën C25, Peugeot J5, Alfa Romeo AR6 and Talbot Express for the first generation, while the second and third generations are marketed as the Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, and Peugeot Boxer. We have a number of Fiat Ducato lease deals listed on this page. Hi Derry - looks like an impressive job you've done there! We decided to check it out. At first Northern Commercials couldn't find a fault, either by driving or diagnostics, as it was intermittent. Yes I had the same problem with the 2019 Fiat Ducato that we hired. [tabs] [tab title="The problem" start=open] The pump supplies the hydraulic pressure for the different consumers (actuators) of the Comfort-Matic and stores it in the pressure accumulator. 4. In that case I recall the incorrect battery was fitted by Fiat during manufacture as apparently the Comfortmatic and non Comfortmatic batteries are different. But will it be enough to chip away at the dominance of the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter? Great drive. They say it's a gearbox out job (which they quote 9hrs labour) then the new part to try is £1800, plus the labour to fit.. Then gearbox back in and see what happens! Fiat recommends that the gearbox’s ‘manual mode’ should be selected. It seems that when the engine heats up, the wiring harness below and behind the dashboard, (above the bonnet hinge around the offside headlight) expands and shorts out against the wiper motor arm. And the other pic is of the footwell in the cab after the plastic has been removed, which I think now looks very much like if you had a manual gearbox (but obviously the clutch pedal would be just there in the space). I posted some time ago that I couldn't get my feet warm in winter when driving our 2016 Fiat Ducato X290, with comfortmatic gearbox. Form follows function. Today’s Ducato range is powered by a line-up of Fiat’s Euro 6 Multijet II common-rail diesel engines. We have the 3ltr Ducato with Comfortmatic and love it, it's a great combination. Quote; Report; Like; We have a 2014 Hymer on a Fiat Ducato base vehicle, the engine will not respond to accelerator when pulling away from low speed ie. Fiat Ducato (2006 on) 4. Now corrected. No problems to date. comes out of them! The battery is a red herring. OK, here are some pics - a couple of the large plastic footrest that has the effect of deflecting the warm air up under the dash and away from the driver's feet. Member. Fiat boasts the squarest, boxiest cargo area on the market, not a claim you would hear at a “normal” press conference. 5. All Rights Reserved. Overall rating. it can take up three stable positions and three unstable positions.’ This largely means that for the first few hours of driving you have absolutely no idea either of the position you are in nor of the position you ought to be in. Then remove 2 short self tapping torque screws just inside the small storage pocket (Mine has the gauges for the Air Assist suspension). Battery issues are mentioned above. Passenger side was fine, just the driver's side that wouldn't get warm. Well, that all depends on your own personal circumstances and preferences. Comfortmatic is a "robotic" gearbox - ie. I'm pretty sure that the only forum-member able to give you informed advice about this would be Nick Fisher (euroserv). Fiat Ducato Gearbox Problems – The Cause. Below is an extract from a thread on MHF concerning a mal functioning Comfortmatic gearbox. Fiat is aware of the major problem and will repair it if pushed as the fault is well known. I have read somewhere that when a battery loses voltage as it gets older or for some other reason then problems with the Comfortmatic electrics have occurred. Where do they all go. I don't believe there is any problem with the standard manual gearbox model of the Ducato - certainly not on our previous one, in any case. OOPS, typo error. My first day on your forum and already you have solved my cold feet problem on my Comfortmatic fitted Mohawk. The more i think and the more i google... i would really like to try and rule out the gearbox ECU with a test that would prove it for certain. Passenger side was fine, just the driver's side that wouldn't get warm. Fiat Ducato 2015, 3 berth motorhome for sale in Pembrokeshire. According to forums I have read the gearbox was originally a 4 speed design and the 5th gear was bolted on afterwards. It only takes a glance at the bumpers, the grille, the headlights to see that style is of the essence on the Ducato. JavaScript is disabled. The Iveco-built 2.3litre 150bhp motor initially became available in Ducato “X250" vehicles in mid-2011 in Euro 5 form. I've just done mine, was a relatively easy job to do. Find out more. Wow, that looks innovative, and very professional. My vehicles have exactly the same 95Ah battery as the manual transmission models. We have also swapped out the master cylkinder which is part of the comfortmatic unit with another vehicle which we know is good. Problems can be expensive if major components need replacing. This is an original and brandnew spare part. This guy received a full paint job after going to fiat. I have to turn the heat up to 30 deg to get my feet warm then after 10min turn it down before we roast, so much for auto systems. With Fiat's Comfortmatic automatic transmission, this van is a delight to drive. Fiat Ducato 2016 Foot rest removal to install vents to improve warm air to drivers footwell. On that one I normally had toasty warm feet when driving. Here's hoping it's the same in an A class cab. Fiat have complicated it by introducing a gear selector which they describe as ‘a floating multistable lever, i.e. This 2020 complied Fiat Ducato Series 6 short wheelbase van has been used by us for demonstrations and some parts deliveries so it hasn't worked hard at all. Very easy to drive, a plenty of torque for steep hills etc. The pressure sensor is responsible to detect the hydraulic pressure in the accumulator of the Fiat Ducato Comfort-Matic system. Energy Tuning Ltd 334,860 views GB 638 3492 15.,,,,,, .pdf, New member with some news about Comfortmatic gearbox. Comfortmatic refers to the gearbox not the engine. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Are you having problems with your Fiat Ducato? I hope warm air (rather than cold air! ) For the correct use of the gearbox, it is essential to read this Supplement in full to find out at the outset which operations are correct and permissible. The pump consists of a small gear pump and the powering electric motor. On board Fiat Ducato Camper, the Comfort-Matic gearbox, available with the Multijet2 130, 150 and 180 engines, not only reduces effort but also cuts fuel consumption, because it always engages the right gear in every situation. Overall reliability. 2572212 | VAT Registration No. I did have a brief look sometime ago when my fiat dealer explained why my feet never got warm. My vehicle is a 3ltr Comfortmatic, from 2000 26000miles on the clock., I would be interested to know what age and mileage the OP's 'van is. It would slip out of gear and go into limp mode, where the vehicle would just stop in the middle of the road when turning corners, or going through roundabouts. Fiat is renewing its efforts in the large van market, with a refreshed line-up spearheaded by the 2020 Ducato. I did, as I was querulous to see where the air duct outlet was. it's essentially a manual gearbox using actuators to change gear. They replaced that and it's been fine since (fingers crossed of course). I have raised this on a previous thread but euroserve had not heard of this being an issue. I have followed advice and engaged Fiat. Fiat Ducato Engine Problems Fiat Ducato Engine Problems Brandybottle replied on 30/08/2017 18:24. How you rate the manufacturer. Because the Ducato is front-wheel-drive, Fiat located the transverse engines under the hood, not between the seats like you see in GM and Ford vans. The details of the recall actions that are related to FIAT DUCATO are shown bellow: 603.95.838 Ducato MTA Confort GB:603_83_787 Ducato Dual ITA 2-11-2011 9:50 Pagina 1 Arjx you have my every sympathy our autotrail cheyanne's comfortmatic konked out when van was three years old ,weeks and weeks we were waiting for dealers to try and discover what was wrong in the end I part exed it for a new van : but I did end up getting in touch with fiat who I might add were very helpfull ,I'm not mechanically minded but it turned out to be the clutch wouldn't engage or something (I didn't think they had a clutch when automatic but apparently they do) my friend also discovered on the Internet that if you don't have a strong enough vehicle battery it affects the performance of the comfortmatic(it's a couple of years ago now so I can't remember all details but I do remember that I wished I'd got in touch with fiat earlier than I did the dealers didnt have a clue if I'd had my time again I'd have taken it to stoneacre our local fiat commercial dealers anyhow good luck I thought it was heart attack time when it happened to us it was so stressfull: pp :)). On refection, you don't need to remove this large panel. This is my 3rd fiat ducato motorhome and i can't believe my paint work is falling off.. Fiat Ducato Comfortmatic Gearboxes McLouis Fusion Options Motorhomes are driven in many different places, the question is the Fiat Ducato comfortmatic gearboxes worth that extra cost? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Fiat Ducato issues & faults. The hardest bit was pulling out the plastic pin on the floor and undoing the 1 x 6mm nut which, together with 2 self tapping torque screws at the top hold the footrest in place. I find when it's cold outside and the sun streaming in the temperature sensors above the heater controls think it's hot so it turns the heat down. They sound clueless......hope you get sorted. Experience at the dealership. Some say the quality of the metal parts is inferior. Fiat Ducato. It's just run out of its warranty, although the 3rd year I am told is insurance based anyway and may not/would not have covered the costs? Who wants to spend All of our packages have maintenance included for peace of mind, and we're confident the … Fresh water piping. How to use the Fiat Comfort-Matic gearbox in our 2019 Roller Team and Swift motorhomes/campervans Or the the firm that wanted to rip box out. reviewed by honkytonkpiano on 7 April 2016. "The gearbox problem is solved and it was nothing to do with the Comfortmatic gearbox after all. Subscribers  do not see these advertisements. I had this problem on my IH Tio (2008) with same engine & gearbox in early 2012. Thanks for the pics I'll take a closer look later. However, I should make it clear it was only an issue for me because we have the comfortmatic semi-automatic gearbox. The Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox is also an option for the 130 and 150 versions of the 2.3litre Euro 5 MultiJet motor. I posted some time ago that I couldn't get my feet warm in winter when driving our 2016 Fiat Ducato X290, with comfortmatic gearbox. see attached pdf. The problem in this case was due to a wiring issue and reinforces the point made by Nick that wiring is the most likely cause when a fault occurs: For the earlier poster.. My van has done 10k miles approx.. Check also how many FIAT are Still on the road in UK.. Up front the awkward nose is a nod to practicality. Copyright © Warners Group Publications Plc. use the search function puuting in "earth strap" and "euroserv" as author and you will get this. I have a Fiat Ducato based motorhome, bought new September 2009, with 3lt engine and Comfortmatic gearbox. 2. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I get cold feet for a different (footrest not in the way on LHD). Frankly I don't feel like having an argument with the dealer either but I have looked at my van and the drawings on the parts disc and find that the controller and hydraulic equipment has to be removed before the gearbox can come off. then the large panel simply unclips and you can remove right out of the way. I have a fiat ducato 2011 with the comfortmatic gearbox. Fiat Ducato 2 3 multijet 130 150 Turbotune Diesel Chip Tuning Box fitting guide - Duration: 4:38. Fiat is one manufacturer that’s persevering with semi-automatics and is offering one on the front-wheel drive Ducato under the Comfort-Matic banner. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the Fiat Ducato in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy. The Fiat Professional Ducato is "city-proof". It came to us with the issue that it wouldnt go into gear, we have put a clutch in it along with a slave cylinder. Hi Nick, I am not mechanically minded so do struggle to ask the right questions. Vehicle is from 2008, not 2000. Posted on 30/08/2017 18:24. The latest recall action was on January 24th, 2020. Fiat Ducato 2.3 Multijet H/Rf Van 180 Power Comfortmatic. 2.3 litre 150bhp MWB. For the correct use of the gearbox, it is essential to read this Supplement in full to find out at the outset which operations are correct and permissible. For additional information, consult the User Handbook to which this Supplement is attached. - Short Wheel Base - Low Roof - 8m3 storage - 1,605kg payload - 2,670mm load bay length .pdf, v2Fiat Ducato 2016 Foot rest removal to install vents to improve warm air to drivers footwell. The Fiat Ducato (also known as the X244) produced between 2003 and 2008 has formed the basis of a wide assortment of motorhomes, ranging from panel van conversions, through traditional coachbuilt vehicles to A-class motorhomes with an integrated cab. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 3. ... All used Fiat Ducato on the AA Cars website come with free 12 months breakdown cover. If you are looking for a specific Fiat Ducato variant, it will help if you first select your preferred body style. FIAT DUCATO Recalls in UK. 5. Brandybottle. I now have spotted over 12 motorhomes with the same problem and i have finally met a person that fulled me in. Sounds fantastic, do you have any photos or a walk through on how to remove it? Latest update is that northern commercials have ruled out wiring and sensors and now say that the controller that changes gears may be at fault. Automatic gearbox and Right-hand Drive with 9,989 miles. You are using an out of date browser. It features an innovative look with a sleek line and dynamic, robust character, where style meets functionality in a striking design. My problem started in January 2011 when taking the vehicle for its monthly off-season run. Expert Opinion. I can't specifically help with your question. When I started the engine I got a warning bleep, a message stating 'Check Transmission' and the gearbox warning light was illuminated. There are 27 recall actions in UK related to FIAT DUCATO. It comes with timber lined walls, floor, boxed wheel arches and a rear crash bar for your protection. By July 2012 it got worse, and they were able to find a fault in a sensor. Page 2 This Supplement describes the procedure for using the COMFORT-MATIC electronically controlled manual gearbox on the Fiat Ducato. As I said, the garage technician actually removed the footrest, but I think it is just a couple of bolts to undo, then unclip? ... Make sure it works. I have just done this modification and going away Tuesday for 3 weeks so will see if there is any difference. I have been told that they will now discuss the situation with Northern commercials and keep me updated on progress. In mid-2014 the Ducato X250 design was facelifted, The revised range was now generally referred to as “X290” and the Euro 5 150bhp motor was tweaked, with Fiat calling its emissions standard “Euro 5+”. Apparently the vehicle goes into 'limp mode' when it happens. Thanks to MikeBeaches and Charlie Farley. From what other more informed contributors have said,first earth strap, then wiring loom behind dash, Would not trust fiat I'm afraid, they are masters of denial! Previous 2010 Ducato X250, with manual gearbox, lovely toasty warm feet, therefore assumed there was a problem with the new van.

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